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How Can Your Business Thrive Despite Flood Damage in Shreveport?

11/28/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded meeting room with water everywhere Creating an ERP can certainly help when your business experiences flood damage. Contact our certified technicians to discuss/mitigate a situation.

Plan rather than panic when partnering with SERVPRO for commercial flood restoration in Shreveport

Flood damage in Shreveport commercial buildings can link to extreme weather patterns, waterways flowing over capacity, burst pipes, or cleaning up after a sewer backup, among other crises. Regardless of the cause, commercial flooding can grind your operations to a halt. Obtaining quick, competent water damage remediation is necessary to prevent progressive deterioration of building materials and contents. Doing everything possible to avoid or limit your business from shutting down during restoration is vital to the enterprise’s future -- between 40 and 50 percent of companies forced into temporary closures to remedy flooding or other disasters fail to reopen.

How Can Shreveport Businesses Prepare for a Flooding Disaster?

SERVPRO suggests to commercial clients that adequate planning for a broad range of challenges can separate successful companies from those that struggle. Join the firms that flourish despite short term setbacks from flood damage by:

  • Checking supply and waste lines and connections to prevent flooding from burst pipes or sewer backup
  • Cleaning up gutters and inspecting/maintaining roofs and drainage systems, avoiding ceiling leaks and lower level flooding from building perimeter saturation after storms
  • Permanently moving inventory, documents, and equipment above known floodlines
  • Preparing storage areas either on or off-site to which contents at risk of flood damage can be transported during a flood event

Why Create a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP)?

Another option for Shreveport businesses looking to minimize flooding impacts is to develop an Emergency READY Profile (ERP) with the SERVPRO team. After an on-site assessment by an experienced project manager, SERVPRO distills the information gleaned into a concise digital response plan, including blueprints of the space, utility shut-off locations, placement of essential equipment, and more. We suggest adaptations you can make to protect exposed structures and contents and invite you to share and update more details through our mobile app.

The flood mitigation and remediation experts at SERVPRO of South Shreveport will get you back in business. Call (318) 865-4655 round the clock to schedule an assessment and initiate emergency water damage services.

Our Specialists Balance Cleaning Elements for Efficient Fire Restoration in Shreveport

11/9/2021 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector SERVPRO devises a custom cleaning and restoration strategy to make the fire "Like it never even happened."

Post-Fire Recovery of Shreveport Homes Requires Careful Handling and Cleaning of Structural Elements and Contents 

After a fire loss, homes can be overwhelmed with several dire circumstances like soot, smoke, and hazardous airborne particles. While our professionals provide a fast mitigation solution for these situations, we also must devise a custom cleaning and restoration strategy to make these disasters "Like it never even happened." 

The Primary Cleaning Factors That Must Be Balanced

Fire damage restoration for Shreveport homes and businesses hinges on a balance of specific cleaning principles. With the overwhelming presence of soot and smoke residues affixed to horizontal surfaces and blasted against vertical walls, the cleaning methods balance several factors that influence restoration strategies' effectiveness. These can include: 

  • Temperature - As you might expect in post-fire situations, the structure's temperature plays a role in the ability to clean products and processes. Products used to remove soot and soils all have ideal operating and use temperatures, meaning that environmental conditions might require manipulation to achieve the best results. 
  • Agitation - Agitation describes the movement of the cleaning solution or the affected surface to break a bond between the soil and the surface. There are multiple approaches to introduce this agitation to the cleaning process, including pressurized water and air. We also have mechanical actions like scrubbing that can be effective. 
  • Chemical Action - Chemical reactions are vital to decreasing the cleaning time for affected surfaces. Our SERVPRO team knows that like dissolves like, so we utilize water-based products for water-based soils, and oil-based for oil-based residues, and so on. 
  • Time - Cleaning takes time, but specifically 'dwell time,' which indicates the amount of time it takes a product to chemically react in the desired manner with the soil present on the surface.  

Balancing these cleaning principles changes for each area of the house and the type of residue. We pretest and monitor cleaning processes to provide the most efficient solutions. Give our SERVPRO of South Shreveport team a call today at (318) 865-4655.

What Factors Impact Restorability and Drying Efficiency in Shreveport Homes?

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

window; drywall removed on sides an below because of water damage The humidity outside affects the drying process inside. SERVPRO takes this into consideration when creating a drying plan.

Several Considerations Determine the Ease of Water Removal and Drying of Shreveport Properties

After a water damage incident, drying and restoring your home can involve crafting a suitable recovery plan based on multiple factors. To provide the most efficient drying, we must make decisions to overcome these site-specific obstacles.

The Building Envelope

This factor shows how property can become affected by outside elements that prevent efficient water damage restoration in Shreveport homes. Modern buildings and new construction typically land on the tight side of this small scale, while older homes and lofty warehouse buildings have a looser building envelope. The levels of building envelope conditions are:

  • Tight – The necessary drying is possible without a noticeable impact from environmental factors outside the house.
  • Moderate – Some influence of the drying process is possible and expected at this level.
  • Loose – At this stage, the drying process is heavily influenced and guided by the elements outside of the house.

The Movement of Air

The planned and unplanned movement of air within a structure can also influence the pace and thoroughness of our drying process. Infiltration of air, where the flow enters the damaged space, and exfiltration, where the air is pulled from the room, require a counteractive movement. Air entering a work zone must be vented, whereas lost air can be compensated with more significant volumes of air movers.

How Moisture Moves in the House

Moisture migration and movement are yet another consideration for efficient drying in a house. While liquid and air movement are among the more common obstacles for our technicians, we must also overcome capillary suction that allows water to be pulled through porous materials to dry spaces beyond.

Water damage incidents are unique from one home to the next. Our SERVPRO of South Shreveport creates a site-specific plan to help return your property to preloss condition. Call us today at (318) 865-4655.

Capture and Discard Residues in Shreveport Homes After a Fire

10/26/2021 (Permalink)

smoke and soot stains on wall and ceiling SERVPRO has specific strategies to identify the damage, capture the soot, and remove the residues impacting the residence.

Cleaning After a Fire Loss Requires Direct Action by Technicians in Your Shreveport Home

Soils and soot particles are a common predicament after a fire loss incident. We have specific and trusted strategies to learn the damage, capture soot, and remove the residues impacting the residence.  

Finding and Identifying the Damage 

A thorough inspection of the property can help identify needs for fire damage restoration in Shreveport homes and the most efficient solutions for removing these residues permanently. The estimator can often knowledgeably predict the damage level, though pretesting cleaning methods can also be efficient.

How to Remove Soils and Deposits

Removing soils and soot deposits requires careful consideration into the type of damage that exists, the underlying material, and the perceived effectiveness of specific restoration strategies like:

  • Vacuuming – Dry particles often sit loosely on surfaces and can be mostly removed using dry vacuuming practices before wet cleaning efforts get underway to remove any lingering residues.
  • Dissolving – If the particles are not loose, they must first get dissolved before being flushed away. This dissolving process loosens the bond between moist soot particles and the underlying material substrate.
  • Controlled Demolition – Demolition is one of the less-favored approaches to clearing soot soils and damage from the property, but it is sometimes necessary.

Safe Discarding and Disposal of Harsh Residues 

We follow specific state and local guidelines about correctly disposing of soot/smoke particles and damaged bulk materials. We safely and completely remove these damaged materials to provide a stable foundation for restoration and any build-back services to come.

After a fire loss incident, cleaning up involves several steps and stages that rarely change from one damaged residence to another. Our SERVPRO of South Shreveport team follows specific guidelines to identify and ultimately remove residues and soils from the property to make fire damage “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (318) 865-4655.

SERVPRO, Shreveport, Winds, and Flooding? We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

10/15/2021 (Permalink)

three servpro vehicles parked The SERVPRO Green Fleet rescues storm-damaged homes in the Greater Shreveport area

Flood Water Removal Technicians in Shreveport Talk about Problems with Heavy Wind Gusts

Thunderstorms in Shreveport can create high-speed wind gusts to blow into your neighborhood. These winds can cause damage to your home that allows moisture to enter during a storm which can force you to have to call a professional flood water removal company such as SERVPRO in order to help you mitigate your problems. During severe rainstorms and hurricanes, winds can reach dangerously high speeds and cause your roof's shingles to blow off your house. The wind can also blow objects into your windows or exterior walls that puncture a hole in your building's structure. Once you have a hole in the exterior of your house, flood water removal may become essential.

Storm Damage

Heavy wind gusts can also cause more rainwater to get into your home. Any time excessive moisture enters a building, flood water removal in your Shreveport home by our SERVPRO professionals can help prevent secondary damage from taking place. As soon as water enters the interior of a structure, the problems can get worse over time. If the situation is not treated correctly right away, secondary issues like mold growth or humidity-related issues can occur. Whenever handling moisture-related matters, we begin by extracting water while it is still liquid.

We can extract liquid H2O using truck-mounted extractors and specialized tools. We have extraction tools that are handheld and ones that the operator can stand on to compress thick, wet carpets. After we extract the water, we can remove moisture using advanced rapid structural drying equipment.

These machines help us create the ideal atmosphere to speed up the natural evaporation and drying process. To do this, we use air movers to push wet air around and dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the atmosphere. We set up the drying equipment and leave it inside the affected area until moisture levels of your contents and building materials return to what they were when the wind caused your water damage. "Like it never even happened."

If you ever suffer from wind-damaging events leading to flooding, call SERVPRO of South Shreveport at (318) 865-4655 any day of the week.

Tackling Water Damage in Your Shreveport Property Should Not Have to Happen Alone

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

servpro box truck Shreveport homeowners get relief and water mitigation when the SERVPRO box truck arrives on the scene--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Why You Might Need SERVPRO of South Shreveport to Handle Water Damage from a Leak

One of the most common causes of water damage that we see in local homes is damage caused by a pipe or appliance leak. While leaking faucets are the most common and visible types of water leaks in a home, these should pose a minimal concern, as any leaking water can be collected and drained away. Leaks below cabinets, behind walls, and underneath large appliances can both be much harder to detect. They may cause much more costly types of damage to your home. Here are a few reasons why you might need to call SERVPRO for a simple water leak.


One of the most visually apparent signs of water damage to a Shreveport home may be the discoloration of walls, floors, and ceilings. Many building and finishing materials found in local homes are not designed to accommodate significant volumes of water. They may become permanently discolored when soaked by a leak. Although some of these problems can be resolved with a fresh coat of paint, many others require alternative approaches to refinishing and color change reversal. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the handling of all materials used to build local homes and can leave yours looking "Like it never even happened."


Some materials may warp when exposed to water, especially when only one side of a surface gets wet (as may happen with a leak). As these materials expand and contract with the absorption and drying of water, they may permanently take a new shape. We can help to return most home materials to their original shape and size without any replacements.

Fungal Growth

Leaks can provide the perfect opportunity for mold and other types of fungi to start to grow in your home. Mold can be identified by the presence of strong, musty odors. Still, you can usually assume that a longstanding leak has supported mold growth somewhere. SERVPRO technicians can help to control and remove any past or present mold infestations in your home that may have been caused by a leak.

SERVPRO of South Shreveport can help you handle large and small water damage problems in your home on a 24/7 basis. Just give us a call at (318) 865-4655.

Shreveport Residents Can Trust SERVPRO to Handle their Flood Damage with Care

9/28/2021 (Permalink)

air movers and dehus stacked at site SERVPRO has the skilled techs and equipment to extract flooding from Shreveport homes and mitigate the water damage

SERVPRO Offers Prompt, Effective Flood Damage Clean Up to Address Fallout from Shreveport Storms

Many evacuees of recent hurricane Ida have taken shelter and found a safe haven in the Shreveport area. However, seasonal storms are always unpredictable, and time only tells what may happen in terms of flooding in the region in the future. Whenever a storm brings washouts, damage to homes from debris, and raging floodwaters, SERVPRO is there to help with fast-acting teams on the ground. Should you need flood cleanup and restoration, we are there within hours to get started. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Understanding the full scope of flood damage in Shreveport is half the battle. We make your property a priority, with our crew chief and project manager taking the time to assess all aspects of your property before we begin. Even a few inches of standing water can lead to immense damage if not addressed using the proper precautions and protocols.

Skilled Flood Damage Restoration When You Need It

Flooding situations call for prompt extraction, which is where our recovery specialists begin after assessment. SERVPRO is the team to call, with proven methods that include:

  • With our skilled water removal services, our technicians use various tools and devices to help us achieve our goals – this includes truck-mount extractors, submersible pumps, and more.
  • Sump pumps working off the trailer generators within our Green Fleet, as needed depending on power outages in the area.
  • Controlled demolition to gut areas where materials are entirely saturated with potentially toxic floodwaters, including contents.
  • Removal of all silt, debris, and mud to facilitate restoration efforts.
  • Reconstruction cleanup, detailed cleaning, and sanitizing with the help of powerful antimicrobials and deodorants.

Flooding may bring stress and worry, but the team at SERVPRO of South Shreveport is there to help you ensure your property gets back to pre-flood damage condition. Contact us 24/7 by calling (318) 865-4655.

Storing Your Undamaged Inventory Facilitates Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Shreveport

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

Inside of clothing store; clothes hanging and displayed on shelves Every day you store is closed, customers visit elsewhere. SERVPRO is always on call to quickly restore your commercial fire damage.

Let us Handle it All, Including Your Shreveport inventory From Fire Damage

Getting your Shreveport business back on track after a disaster takes time. It also uses up resources that you might not have readily available. Every day your business sits unopened is another day of lost profits and disappointed customers. Instead of waiting to see your selection, many shoppers decide to visit other places and make their purchases elsewhere. SERVPRO can help you minimize such related damages through professional mitigation.

We help all sizes and types of businesses in Shreveport survive commercial fire damage and its effects. We use tried and tested restoration methods that follow the protocols accepted by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The damage that occurred in your store during a fire involved more than the flames. The smoke and heat also cause extensive damage.

We also address the inundation of water sprayed into your store. Because a significant portion of this turns into steam, we bring in air movers and dehumidifiers. Air scrubbers also play a powerful role in extracting moisture and restoring dry conditions in both structure and contents. These machines require more than just their own physical blueprint. The hoses, electrical cords, and exhaust apparatus also take up space. We need adequate space to work, clean your items, and move things around.

Undamaged Items After Fire Damage

Any of your store's furnishings or inventory that survived without succumbing to smoke or fire damage can get in the way during our work. This not only makes it more difficult to do our job swiftly, but it also places these items at risk of eventually becoming damaged. We want to prevent such damage, so we provide warehouse space to our customers where it is possible to safely store items.

We tag larger items to provide an inclusive inventorying of such items. This information helps us keep groupings of furniture together and match undamaged pieces to those we needed to restore. After cleaning, drying, and other restoration activities, we can help your employees by returning furniture pieces and other content items back in your store. We try to get things situated in the same spot as before, so working with your knowledgeable employees helps immensely.

SERVPRO of South Shreveport is ready to help your business by making it all "Like it never even happened." Our building services department helps us achieve this goal wherever needed. Call us at (318) 865-4655 for IICRC-certified smoke and fire damage restoration specialists.

How Can I Tell How Bad a Water Damage Incident in My Shreveport Home Is?

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

water overflowing from sink, dropping on floor Sinks and bathtubs are common causes of water damage. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to restore your home.

You Can Call SERVPRO to Help Scope the Damage and Start Restoration Processes Immediately

Whenever there is an incident involving water intrusion at your Shreveport property, there is a possibility that the damage is more severe than you think. Some aspects of the incident, such as the amount of water spilled or passage of time since the event started, provide evident insight on the kind of damages to expect. However, other aspects that influence the level of damage may be harder to detect.

How long does water damage take to show?

The time it takes to notice water damage in Shreveport homes depends on several factors, including:

  • The intensity of the damage present
  • The efforts applied in scoping the area
  • The areas affected by the water area

Water damage incidents vary in intensity ranging from the slow trickle of water from sinks and other plumbing facilities to sudden or accidental discharge. Intensive cases are easier to notice since they involve massive amounts of water and affect vast portions of the property.

Since water migrates from the source to both open and concealed sections of the property, you might only notice the damage in open areas. Some typical issues that go unnoticed after water spills include:

  • Mold growth
  • Rotting in structural supports or subfloors
  • High levels of humidity

How does SERVPRO identify hidden problems?

Managing unseen problems, after water damage incidents, requires different resources. Our crews use a variety of sophisticated scoping tools like thermal cameras to check for wetness behind walls or floor materials. Thermo-hygrometers help monitor moisture levels in the air at different temperatures helping us establish whether to take action. Our training and experience dealing with several water damage situations help us spot subtle signs of wetness in concealed areas. For instance, pushing slightly against walls reveals moisture-damaged drywall, which has a soft or spongy feel.

SERVPRO of South Shreveport can take timely action to reveal and solve hidden problems after a water damage incident making it "Like it never even happened." Call us at (318) 865-4655.

When Do Wall Systems Require Replacement in Shreveport Homes?

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged room; drywall cut away around window; SERVPRO drying equipment being utilized Sometimes we need to remove damaged drywall to dry your home. But no worries, SERVPRO makes it "Like it never even happened."

Repairs and Reconstruction in Shreveport are Often Necessary After Water Damage

Some repairs and reconstruction are necessary after situations like ceiling leaks, roof leaks, and burst pipes. The need for a damaged home in the area comes down to the information collected by our SERVPRO production manager inspecting the property after the first notice of loss. Data gathered in this stage identifies where controlled demolition and repairs are necessary. 

Trapped Moisture Concerns in Wall Cavities

For water damage repair in Shreveport homes, monitoring water migration can show where focused drying might be necessary to overcome trapped moisture in structural cavities. Weep holes can allow pooling in wall systems to drain out without controlled demolition in the form of flood cuts. Tools available for this style of drying include:

  • Positive pressure systems
  • Negative pressure systems
  • Centrifugal air movers

Controlled Demolition Solutions for Damaged Properties

Inspections of the property can often help our team determine the extent of the damage and the possible need for build-back. Controlled demolition helps our team minimize the tear-out required to overcome water and moisture damage from the affected wall systems. When drywall and similar materials deteriorate, controlled demolition removes only the unsalvageable portions of these construction elements. 

Replacing Discarded Materials and Flooring

Before we complete the restoration process, discarded materials and damaged plumbing portions must get replaced and repaired. Our contractor license allows us to complete this work in-house and seamlessly begin following drying and water cleanup. 

Water damage repairs provide a full-service recovery solution for damaged properties without the need for the property owner to secure and vet new contractors to finish the process. Our general contractor license makes us a one-stop shop, and our SERVPRO of South Shreveport team is ready to help 24/7 at (318) 865-4655.