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Storing Your Undamaged Inventory Facilitates Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Shreveport

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

Inside of clothing store; clothes hanging and displayed on shelves Every day you store is closed, customers visit elsewhere. SERVPRO is always on call to quickly restore your commercial fire damage.

Let us Handle it All, Including Your Shreveport inventory From Fire Damage

Getting your Shreveport business back on track after a disaster takes time. It also uses up resources that you might not have readily available. Every day your business sits unopened is another day of lost profits and disappointed customers. Instead of waiting to see your selection, many shoppers decide to visit other places and make their purchases elsewhere. SERVPRO can help you minimize such related damages through professional mitigation.

We help all sizes and types of businesses in Shreveport survive commercial fire damage and its effects. We use tried and tested restoration methods that follow the protocols accepted by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The damage that occurred in your store during a fire involved more than the flames. The smoke and heat also cause extensive damage.

We also address the inundation of water sprayed into your store. Because a significant portion of this turns into steam, we bring in air movers and dehumidifiers. Air scrubbers also play a powerful role in extracting moisture and restoring dry conditions in both structure and contents. These machines require more than just their own physical blueprint. The hoses, electrical cords, and exhaust apparatus also take up space. We need adequate space to work, clean your items, and move things around.

Undamaged Items After Fire Damage

Any of your store's furnishings or inventory that survived without succumbing to smoke or fire damage can get in the way during our work. This not only makes it more difficult to do our job swiftly, but it also places these items at risk of eventually becoming damaged. We want to prevent such damage, so we provide warehouse space to our customers where it is possible to safely store items.

We tag larger items to provide an inclusive inventorying of such items. This information helps us keep groupings of furniture together and match undamaged pieces to those we needed to restore. After cleaning, drying, and other restoration activities, we can help your employees by returning furniture pieces and other content items back in your store. We try to get things situated in the same spot as before, so working with your knowledgeable employees helps immensely.

SERVPRO of South Shreveport is ready to help your business by making it all "Like it never even happened." Our building services department helps us achieve this goal wherever needed. Call us at (318) 865-4655 for IICRC-certified smoke and fire damage restoration specialists.

How Can I Tell How Bad a Water Damage Incident in My Shreveport Home Is?

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

water overflowing from sink, dropping on floor Sinks and bathtubs are common causes of water damage. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to restore your home.

You Can Call SERVPRO to Help Scope the Damage and Start Restoration Processes Immediately

Whenever there is an incident involving water intrusion at your Shreveport property, there is a possibility that the damage is more severe than you think. Some aspects of the incident, such as the amount of water spilled or passage of time since the event started, provide evident insight on the kind of damages to expect. However, other aspects that influence the level of damage may be harder to detect.

How long does water damage take to show?

The time it takes to notice water damage in Shreveport homes depends on several factors, including:

  • The intensity of the damage present
  • The efforts applied in scoping the area
  • The areas affected by the water area

Water damage incidents vary in intensity ranging from the slow trickle of water from sinks and other plumbing facilities to sudden or accidental discharge. Intensive cases are easier to notice since they involve massive amounts of water and affect vast portions of the property.

Since water migrates from the source to both open and concealed sections of the property, you might only notice the damage in open areas. Some typical issues that go unnoticed after water spills include:

  • Mold growth
  • Rotting in structural supports or subfloors
  • High levels of humidity

How does SERVPRO identify hidden problems?

Managing unseen problems, after water damage incidents, requires different resources. Our crews use a variety of sophisticated scoping tools like thermal cameras to check for wetness behind walls or floor materials. Thermo-hygrometers help monitor moisture levels in the air at different temperatures helping us establish whether to take action. Our training and experience dealing with several water damage situations help us spot subtle signs of wetness in concealed areas. For instance, pushing slightly against walls reveals moisture-damaged drywall, which has a soft or spongy feel.

SERVPRO of South Shreveport can take timely action to reveal and solve hidden problems after a water damage incident making it "Like it never even happened." Call us at (318) 865-4655.

When Do Wall Systems Require Replacement in Shreveport Homes?

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged room; drywall cut away around window; SERVPRO drying equipment being utilized Sometimes we need to remove damaged drywall to dry your home. But no worries, SERVPRO makes it "Like it never even happened."

Repairs and Reconstruction in Shreveport are Often Necessary After Water Damage

Some repairs and reconstruction are necessary after situations like ceiling leaks, roof leaks, and burst pipes. The need for a damaged home in the area comes down to the information collected by our SERVPRO production manager inspecting the property after the first notice of loss. Data gathered in this stage identifies where controlled demolition and repairs are necessary. 

Trapped Moisture Concerns in Wall Cavities

For water damage repair in Shreveport homes, monitoring water migration can show where focused drying might be necessary to overcome trapped moisture in structural cavities. Weep holes can allow pooling in wall systems to drain out without controlled demolition in the form of flood cuts. Tools available for this style of drying include:

  • Positive pressure systems
  • Negative pressure systems
  • Centrifugal air movers

Controlled Demolition Solutions for Damaged Properties

Inspections of the property can often help our team determine the extent of the damage and the possible need for build-back. Controlled demolition helps our team minimize the tear-out required to overcome water and moisture damage from the affected wall systems. When drywall and similar materials deteriorate, controlled demolition removes only the unsalvageable portions of these construction elements. 

Replacing Discarded Materials and Flooring

Before we complete the restoration process, discarded materials and damaged plumbing portions must get replaced and repaired. Our contractor license allows us to complete this work in-house and seamlessly begin following drying and water cleanup. 

Water damage repairs provide a full-service recovery solution for damaged properties without the need for the property owner to secure and vet new contractors to finish the process. Our general contractor license makes us a one-stop shop, and our SERVPRO of South Shreveport team is ready to help 24/7 at (318) 865-4655.

Restoring Your Shreveport Home Following Significant Fire Damages

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Illustration After a fire incident takes place. You can trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

Cleanup and Restoration Are Key Components of Fire Damage Restoration

One of the most devastating disasters that can occur to your Shreveport home is a fire. With the potential of leaving multiple lingering effects, not to mention the significant structural concerns common to residential blazes, recovering from the occurrence can initially seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the damage that your home faces from a structure fire is not something that you have to face alone.

Fire damage to your Shreveport residence can present itself in several unique ways. While our SERVPRO restoration process contends with the typical effects of the blaze, such as the presence of soot and foul odors, severe structural concerns take priority. That is why when our team arrives at your home, we survey the affected areas for vulnerable points that need to get closed off, such as holes in the exterior of your house or broken windows. 

Assessment of a Fire Damaged Property

Closing off these vulnerable areas thwarts further elemental damage to your home while the restoration process gets underway. An initial assessment of the full scope of the present damage can aid in formulating the best approach to restoring your home. We can prepare a CCIS inventory list to assist you with your insurance claim. Often this process begins with removing the water from extinguishing efforts and drying out these areas to prevent weakening of structural components or compounding effects like mold growth. 

With severe structural damage to your home, beyond what restoration practices can salvage, our SERVPRO IICRC certified team prepares these areas for reconstruction by a residential contractor. This approach involves controlled demolition on the worst areas to remove these materials entirely, leaving the area ready for new construction. At the same time, our technicians set their sights on the less dramatic effects of the recent fire. Our technicians get uniquely trained to handle all degrees of fire damage, from the latest restoration techniques to the use of state-of-the-art equipment to make your disaster “Like it never even happened.”

While this is merely a small piece of the entire restoration process that your home likely needs following fire damages, you can trust that our SERVPRO of South Shreveport team of specialists can see you through every step.  You can reach our emergency response team 24/7 by calling (318) 865-4655.

Flood Damage in Your Shreveport Home Gets Extracted Swiftly by SERVPRO

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians Our skilled technicians have the expertise and state of the art equipment to get your home back in order after a water catastrophe.

Why SERVPRO Strives to Always Be Faster To Any Size Disaster in Shreveport

Many natural disasters that occur in Shreveport also cause significant devastation to the homes located in the affected area. Homeowners who react quickly to such emergencies can help reduce their damages. SERVPRO is always ready to help provide support to those residing in flooded regions with relevant expertise and the latest in technologically advanced equipment. 

A significant reason why SERVPRO is excellent at providing what homeowners in Shreveport need most after flood damage happens to their homes is the fast response we give to all our customers. Damaged sections of a house do not mitigate themselves and require an experienced team who knows how to combine the equipment and their teamwork skills most productively. Doing this always benefits the property owner by mitigating the damages and preventing secondary damages like mold growth or humidity-induced losses. 

Quick and Effective Flood Damage Restoration

Another benefit of having a team that acts quickly upon the initial call and then continues to work as rapidly as possible is that the amount of time your family requires substitute housing decreases if you were forced to vacate the premises. However, many mitigation services that work quickly often gain the reputation of cutting corners where they should not and leaving crucial steps out, causing problems for homeowners. SERVPRO wants to assure you that we find this unacceptable as both a service to our customers and as a way to perform any work in any industry. We are here for you, our neighbors in our community, too.

SERVPRO is well known for communicating and cooperating with your insurance adjuster to expedite the service. We have mitigated massive damages caused by different disastrous events and know that you want to get things back to normal, "Like it never even happened." Being IICRC-certified, we adhere to internationally accepted standards of service to our customers.

SERVPRO of South Shreveport wants to help you and your family get things back to how they should be again after a disaster. Flood damage can make your home unlivable in an instant. We work as quickly as possible to mitigate the damage and get your home restored and livable again. Contact our 24-hour emergency services line by calling (318) 865-4655 when flooding ruins your property.

Mold is Threatening to Shreveport Homes

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in attic SERVPRO's skilled technicians have the tools and experience to put an end to your homes mold damage.

Our SERVPRO Professionals Work Quickly to Address Mold Damage in Shreveport,  Louisiana Properties. 

With many Shreveport homes and businesses subjected to powerful storms, tornadoes, and hurricane weather over the years, roof damage is a certainty to many buildings. The resulting moisture damages afterward can provide the right conditions for attic mold growth and subsequent degradation.

How Severe is Attic Mold? 

Many homeowners might believe that mold remediation in Shreveport properties is unnecessary with attic mold growth, but this is not the case. Even with a contained situation where spores are not likely to find a path to the living area below, the moisture issues that caused the organism to grow can still deteriorate the roof and support to become a costlier issue. With a mold contractor license, we can provide remediation and repairs for a full-service approach.

How Can Remediation Occur After Microbial Growth? 

A singular mold growth event often impacts multiple surfaces and materials. With varying severities and hosting elements, a proper inspection of the property can determine the ideal remediation and mold removal strategies, including:

  • Sanding
  • Dry Ice Pellet Blasting
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Sporicidal Products

Mold can be one of the most underappreciated threats to your home, but one that spreads quickly and can create hazardous conditions. Our SERVPRO of South Shreveport team is standing by 24/7 to help at (318) 865-4655.

Call The Professionals to Recover from Flood Damage Contamination in Shreveport

7/25/2021 (Permalink)

Car driving on flooded street; water spewing from tires Flood water is often contaminated. SERVPRO is trained and has the safety equipment to remove the damage.

Call SERVPRO for Black Water Extraction After Storm Damage

The Shreveport area is no stranger to weather-related flooding challenges. Heavy rains, tornadoes, tropical storms, and hurricanes take their turns, causing many residential property owners to seek assistance when floodwaters invade crawl spaces, slab foundations, and the lower levels of residences. Our crew of seasoned flood damage specialists achieves a fast and thorough recovery.

When several inches of rain falls during a short period, the runoff can cause flood damage to your Shreveport home. Water seeps in as the ground becomes supersaturated, unable to absorb the precipitation and directing it through the porous materials making up the structure of your dwelling's lower areas. The problem can be compounded by a backup of your home's sewer system as the local storm drains become overwhelmed and force liquids back into homes. Dealing with potentially contaminated water and the need to dry out structural components quickly suggests using our flood damage professionals.

SERVPRO employees train extensively in flood damage restoration, one of our core services. We evaluate the characteristics of the water filling lower levels of your home, determining if it is clean, gray, or black water. Clean water has few or any other substances mixed with the rain, posing a low risk of microbial growth if removed and dried out quickly. Gray water has some contamination, commonly traced to things like home appliances or dishwater.

Cleaning Up after a Sewer Backup

Blackwater contains hazardous substances like sewage or chemicals loosed by the flood. Fecal matter or bloodborne pathogens are a real threat if waste pipes back up or dead animals and insects mix into the floodwaters flowing through your home. SERVPRO crews observe OSHA and EPA protocols to contain and dispose of these polluted waters for your and your family's safety as well as the public at large.

Once the water is categorized, SERVPRO employees pump and extract the excess. Infrared scanners locate hidden pockets of floodwater, and we use an array of strategies to release and contain it. Finding and removing all floodwater is crucial as building materials continue to deteriorate when wet and microbial growth is possible within 24 to 48 hours. We use sensitive moisture meters to set drying goals, working with air movers, heat, and dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture content of structural components to normal levels.

We apply EPA registered disinfectants to affected surfaces to inhibit the effects of any lingering pathogens. SERVPRO employees receive comprehensive training and experience all the steps necessary to restore flooded spaces to preloss condition.

Do not wait to contact SERVPRO of South Shreveport when floodwaters put your home at risk. Our phone line at (318) 865-4655 is available for your inquiries and requests for help round the clock every day of the year.

A Few Ways to Avoid Secondary Damages After Shreveport Water Damage

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

Water spewing from pinhole leak in pipe It only takes a small leak to damage cabinets, floors, and structural elements. Inspect your plumbing often for signs of moisture.

Kitchen Sink Leaks Can Ruin Cabinetry in Your Shreveport Home

Not every situation that requires professional restoration for your Shreveport home is going to be an emergency or a disaster. Many situations like small leaks can lead to substantial damages over time that requires the advanced technology and extensive training of certified restorers to overcome. A kitchen sink leak can be an excellent example of this, persistently saturating nearby materials like the cabinetry.

Over time, this leak in your kitchen can develop into widespread water damages in Shreveport. By the time it gets discovered, many of the affected materials closest to the source of the water damage are unsalvageable. Our SERVPRO professionals have the experience to determine which structural components and materials can get preserved and which require replacement to complete restoration work.

Water Damage Repair Technicians

When you get posed with water damage throughout the kitchen of your home of this magnitude, you want to find a team that has the experience and education to handle any facet of restoration they might encounter. Our SERVPRO professionals work to achieve their IICRC certification in water damage restoration and continue their education through online coursework and in-house training opportunities. These options can aid our technicians in being among the most prepared in the industry for handling whatever effects from a water loss incident they could encounter on a property.

Likewise, the equipment used is essential for fast extraction and drying of the damaged components. Our franchise prides itself on offering our technicians the latest tools and machines to make restoration work more efficient than ever before. We can extract water quickly with portable pumps. We can pull moisture from the affected areas with industrial-strength dehumidifiers. We can prevent fungal growth when possible by applying antimicrobial chemicals to nearby surfaces and items.

When a small kitchen leak goes undetected for a period, the spread of the damage can far exceed your expectations. You can count on the advanced tools for moisture detection and drying to make short work of the damage your home has sustained. Give our SERVPRO of South Shreveport water restoration technicians a call today at (318) 865-4655.

Shreveport Eateries Rely on SERVPRO for Mold Remediation

7/13/2021 (Permalink)

Tables in empty restaurant; waiting for customers Commercial kitchen are an ideal place for mold to grow. But no worries! SERVPRO’s IICRC trained techs are ready to remediate the situation.

SERVPRO Offers Premier Mold Remediation Services to Shreveport Restaurants

Mold loves a warm and humid environment, making restaurant kitchens highly susceptible to mold growth that can go unnoticed during early stages. The first and perhaps the most critical step in professional mold remediation of your Shreveport eatery is a thorough inspection by SERVPRO experts.  

Once the contamination is identified, SERVPRO technicians can begin the mold remediation of your Shreveport eatery. Our mold experts carry out the remediation according to the protocol set by the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP). Expect a containment zone to be established to limit the spread of the fungal spores by installing plastic sheeting. SERVPRO technicians also create a negative pressure within the containment area to avoid the spores from going out. 

How Do SERVPRO Mold Experts Remove Contamination from Your Shreveport Establishment?  

SERVPRO experts use different methods to remove mold depending on the type of surface involved. For example, restorers often clean non-porous surfaces; however, porous surfaces with visible mold growth are removed and discarded. 

SERVPRO technicians use air scrubbers equipped with HEPA filters to remove loose mold fragments and spores during mold removal. HEPA filters can remove 99.7% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger, and since mold spores are 4-20 microns in size, they are highly effective in removing them. The air scrubbers used during mold remediation are often equipped with charcoal filters to adsorb odor-causing molecules produced by the mold. 

The material exposed to mold for a long time, including wood, might lose its structural integrity and be eradicated. 

Call SERVPRO of South Shreveport at (318) 865-4655 for fast and efficient service. 

What To Do When You Need Urgent Water Removal in Shreveport

6/11/2021 (Permalink)

orange moisture meter against wall SERVPRO utilizes advanced devices like this moisture meter to ensure your water-damaged Shreveport home has been professionally dried.

Moisture, Drying, and Restoring is SERVPRO's Area of Expertise for Water Damage Mitigation

When a pipe bursts on your property, it can leak many gallons of liquid, and water removal services can swiftly become a must. When such a situation happens, it is essential to call services as quickly as you can. Water damage can be remediated with little or relatively no catastrophic damage to the structure of your home if done promptly. The longer you wait to deal with water damage in your home, the higher the possibility for mold growth and structural harm becomes. However, if it is dealt with quickly, your home can usually be returned to its preloss condition with little struggle. Fortunately, there is professional help nearby to assist in the removal of excess water on your property.

Our skilled technicians can remove the damaging water from your Shreveport property through the use of advanced technology. After we receive your call and arrive at your home, we can inspect the damage and then apply the correct method to remove the water. In most cases, we can employ industrial quality wet/dry vacuums and portable truck-operated pumps to remove the water from your property swiftly.

After we remove the visible water from your home, SERVPRO can use moisture meters to detect the places of your house that require drying. With that knowledge in mind, we can focus on using the right tools to dry out your home. Commonly, we use devices such as dehumidifiers and air movers to create an ideal moisture content level in your belongings and building materials.

Freeing the area of airborne moisture assists in drying out the structure of your home and belongings as residual moisture is forced to evaporate. SERVPRO strives to ensure that your home is thoroughly dry so that no further damage arises from remaining moisture.

When a pipe bursts in your home and you require water removal services, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of South Shreveport at (318) 865-4655. 24/7, we can take your call and send our technicians to your home.